Monday, 13 May 2013

One week before we start our adventure (weather permitting!)

Only one week to go before we start our three and a half month sail around Britain ...... and Capraia is still in her winter berth!

The Old Gaffer's Association Round Britain Challlenge started last month and we plan to join the 'fleet' when they pass through Milford Haven next weekend.  We launch on Thursday and then have a couple of days to test the gear and load up with supplies.  We have fitted new standing rigging and made some changes to the skipper's sleeping quarters in the forecabin to give him more space!  We have crew lined up for all eleven legs (at least on paper) with the first two, Ian and Richard joining us on Sunday.

The plan is to post blogs as often as we are are able but you can also keep track of our progress and read other blogs by visiting the oga50 website.


  1. Hi,

    are you going to participate in the tracking scheme? I've added you manually to the combined map for now

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