Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Back on board on Friday night having had a couple of days 'back at work'!  Ian won't be back until sometime next week but Tamsin has joined us to help sail Capraia to Holyhead.

On Saturday we motored in glorious sunshine in company with Syene to an anchorage south of Aberdaron Bay - ready to make the most of tomorrow's early tide northwards to Holyhead.

Up at 3.30am on Sunday and away an hour later after several cups of sweet tea!  A beautiful, clear dawn took the sting out of the early start as we hugged the shore to avoid the last of the foul tide.  Bardsey Island on our port side slipped past in the half light and once around the headlland we were swept along with the flood tide across Caerarfon Bay.

A freshening southerly wind helped to push us northwards, arriving at Holyhead in the early afternoon.  All the RBC fleet that we met in Dale had already arrived, most having sailed direct from Milford Haven.  Other new joiners included the classic Isle of Man 'long-liner' Master Frank (foreground) and 'Greensleaves' a Memory 19 (which bought back grateful memories!).

Great welcome and hospitality (thank you North Wales OGA) and evening entertainment in the Yacht Club (in the form of an excellent local band called the Silverbacks!) finished off a long but fantastic day.

Bank Holiday Monday is admin day - fuel, gaz, water, shopping and laundry - just as well in foul weather.  Invited to supper on board Annabel J - roast pork with all the trimmings and plum crumble with custard makes Capraia's fair seem very modest.  Tonight's entertainment is provided by the Old Gaffers with an eclectic mix of song and instruments which included Beetle songs, sea shanties and sing along camp fire songs.  Can it get any better?

The fleet heads for Dublin tomorrow but Capraia has a starter motor problem and we are awaiting news from the engineer.   I didn't realise that getting out of Wales would be this difficult!


  1. Hi Patrick,
    Hopefully this works this time! (Never blogged before!!)
    Surely better to have engine trouble at the beginning rather than halfway round the 'island?'
    Saw the comment about roast boar and truffles, so the cooking challenge is on...in which case I will get the cookery book out and practice...of course need to know in advance what is the spec of the Capraia galley? Photos please to add to all the rest.
    Sea shanties and camp fire songs - I'm thinking Blaydon races and Lampton worm...we can train a U boat commander to sing them as well:-)
    Bon chance and will be keeping a weather eye on the Capraia's progress.